NFTs Mania: How to Cash in on the NFT Hype Train

1. Create an original digital work of art

Now, digital art pieces can take any form — a picture, video, graphic, audio file, GIF — indeed any item that can be tokenized. The key here is that you must own the copyright of the piece of media and it must be the original copy.

2. Rent Out Your NFTs

What if you’re a digital creator or NFT investor and don’t want to sell your collectibles? That’s fine too. You can still make money by renting out your NFTs.

3. Establish recurring NFT royalty payments

Nearly every NFT marketplace has put measures in place that allow the original creators to make recurring passive income each time their NFT is sold on the secondary market.

The Bottom Line

NFTs are still regarded with skepticism by conservative investors. Consequently, the average NFT marketplace is often viewed as high risk and unregulated.



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